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A World Learning to Die

Everyone wants to die with dignity, but is it possible, or is it the most 'deadly' lie our governments have ever spoon fed us?

Killing with kindness or or a money saving scheme, find out more. Click the picture. 

Other Countries

What no one ever told you about what goes wrong in other countries when they legalise euthanasia / assisted dying. ​Click the picture.

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions

A must read if you want to understand why we've come to oppose assisted suicide. ​Click the picture.

Assisted Suicide in the UK

Euthanasia isn't legal in the UK. Find out how it happens anyway, and about our attempts to stop it. ​Click the picture.

Dignity in Dying have co-oped the idea that 'assisted suicide' is death with a choice.  We don't agree. It's a nice fantasy but the reality looks a little different. Here's the reality: When assisted suicide is legalised, the cost of good medical care at the end of life goes up. It's expensive to care for someone at the end of life, it's much cheaper to bump them off. If that sounds alarmist, and you're thinking it could never happen, you need to scroll down and look at 'Other Countries'. 

We want choice. We want the choice to live until you die. To live with dignity, by being cared for no matter the cost. To have the human dignity of not feeling like a burden because you're sick, old or disabled. We want patience to choose what their care looks like.  And make no mistake about it Dignity in Dying want to take these choices away from you. 

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What We Stand Against

Nurses that KILL

How many avoidable deaths happen in hospitals every year? The answer will surprise you. Click the picture.