Coronavirus Patients are being Euthanised

Care homes have been accused of using powerful sedatives to make coronavirus victims die more quickly. 

Prescriptions for the drug midazolam sharply increased during the height of the pandemic, with some claiming it has “turned end-of-life care into euthanasia”. Midazolam is...

‘Living through the Coronavirus’ – or not

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is considering whether human rights laws have been breached by the hospital policy to discharge care home patients who may have Coronavirus in order to ease pressure on the NHS.

Don’t Whistle While You Work
NHS Whistleblowers under threat

​​WhistleblowersUK has raised concern over the neglect of ‘vulnerable residents’, including ‘families not being informed about Covid-19 deaths in their relative’s homes, staff being told to come into work when they were showing symptoms, and vulnerable residents being left for hours unattended’...

What you need to know:

WARNING: Until we have a vaccine for coronavirus, the global pandemic will remain a threat to the rights of vulnerable people long after lock-down has ended!

Stay safe. Stay informed.

Keep The Doctor at Bay

Vitamin D Could Help Save a Care Home Residents Life

​You may know that VITAMIN D is known to be linked to helping our immune system function better.15 minutes of sunshine each day between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. is considered... 

Do not resuscitate the death movement

DNR Danger for Disabled Corona Victims. 

The Government is to issue new guidance on the use of ‘do not attempt resuscitation’ orders following criticism that ‘they have been applied in a “blanket” manner during the pandemic’... 


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