UK: the law, the tragedy, and the myths.

What we Stand Against

Assisted suicide is against the law in the UK. But here's what we found. Dangerous backdoor euthanasia programs are the norm in most hospitals. We want to tell you about the Liverpool Care Pathway, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people prematurely. It was reviewed and found unsafe by the government but is still used every day. We want to tell you about Mencaps Death by Indifference report, which found out that avoidable deaths of disabled people were happening in hospitals. And so much more. 



More articles coming soon about doctors and nurses who kill. In the meantime, please watch our video Nurses that Kill.

Nurses and Doctors that Kill

Commonly Asked Questions

We found some interesting things on how the culture has been changing, and how it will continue to change. What does the world look like when we embrace euthanasia? 

We want choice. We want the choice to live until you die. To live with dignity, by being cared for no matter the cost. To have the human dignity of not feeling like a burden because you're sick, old or disabled. We want patience to choose what their care looks like.  And make no mistake about it Dignity in Dying want to take these choices away from you. 


The 10 most commonly asked questions about assisted suicide. 

What we Stand For

​Working to improve End of Life Care



DISTANT VOICES exists as a response to the death of some of the 112 (and counting) disabled people who die at the hands of NHS staff; each year. Many who died were the age of our young members.

History and Future

"There is no slippery slope and the relaxing of practice is not supported by evidence from the Netherlands or from anywhere else where the law is more compassionate," 
- Terry Pratchett on euthanasia. 

​We found that terrible things we happening abroad that we weren't hearing enough about. Here's what we found. 

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